Turn onboarding into a fun experience

Onboarding with game elements ensures that employees step into new roles armed with knowledge and enthusiasm to act.

Onboarding is more than just a task list

Provide new employees with an engaging onboarding platform. Let us move complicated processes into the world of game, where everything is simpler. Use the automated process that not only conveys knowledge and organizes tasks but also captures the spirit of your company and gives energy to act.
More than just a task list

We will create a seamless process for you

Surely, you have more important things to do than transferring procedures from one system to another. A consistent language and an attractive form should not be one of your concerns, either. With us, you will go through the creation of onboarding process without worrying about the technicalities. We will transfer your tasks, checklists, quizzes, surveys, and schedules to our platform.
Seamless process

Engagement from the first day of work

Implementing onboarding with game elements allows for building strong relationships with the employee from the very beginning. With such an approach, not only do we convey essential information but also inspire exploration, collaboration, and active participation in the company's life from the very first day of work.
icon Platform setup on our endPlatform setup on our end
icon Onboarding process automationOnboarding process automation
icon Onboarding tasks in clear cardsOnboarding tasks in clear cards
icon Your company's culture reflected in the gameYour company's culture reflected in the game
icon Insight into your employees' resultsInsight into your employees' results
icon Building a positive employee-company relationshipBuilding a positive employee-company relationship

Tell about your company through a game

They trusted us

Individual onboarding path for your employees

Your employees will receive an onboarding platform with tasks tailored to their positions and a structured process that will guide them step by step. Additionally, they will have access to a game that makes the entire adaptation process more enjoyable.
Enjoyable adaptation process

Proven tools that boost engagement

We support onboarding by combining educational tools with solutions known from games. This allows us to create engaging and interactive experiences for new employees. By using gamification elements, the onboarding process becomes more pleasant, more motivating, and effective.

Tell about your company through a game

Numbers speak for themselves

Studies shows that the use of gamification elements in onboarding significantly increases the engagement and retention of new employees. It has turned out that implementing gamification in the process of introducing new team members increases their engagement, shortens the adaptation period, and enhances their sense of belonging to the company.

Quick and easy implementation

We will optimize the onboarding process in your company. Thanks to ready-made modules, we can construct it in just three steps. After launching the program, we provide both operational and technical support throughout its duration.Quick implementation

Seamless integration with your tools

We have experience integrating with the most popular business tools in the market. We can ensure smooth synchronization with your company's essential software.
SalesForce logoSalesForce
 Active Directory logoAzure Active Directory
Google Suite logoGoogle Suite
Slack logoSlack
Zapier logoZapier
 Teams  logoMicrosoft Teams
OAuth 2.0 logoOAuth 2.0
eRecruiter logoeRecruiter

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we implement various onboarding processes depending on the role?
Will we have support in arranging the onboarding process?
Will older individuals or those without experience with online games be engaged in gamification (will it not be too complicated for them)?
Is the solution available on mobile?
Will my employees’ data be safe?
Who is the administrator of employees' personal data?
I don’t see my tools on the integration list, will we be able to register?

Tell about your company through a game

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