Unlock the hidden power of your sales team

Continuous nurturing of engagement, a positive mindset, and a sense of purpose are pivotal. This is where the greatest, undiscovered reserves of any team lie. The larger and more dispersed the team, the greater they are.

Create a gamification program that will unleash new energy for action

Tap into human nature and the predispositions of our minds. Thanks to cognitive science, behavioral psychology, and neuromarketing, we already know quite a lot about it. Not all of us are fiercely ambitious, not all of us are desperate to win at any cost, but almost all of us want to have fun. We want to achieve goals together and prover our value. That is why we love games so much.
New energy for action

Choose a proven format renowned for its compelling impact

Our client's team has been loyal to this format for an impressive period of seven years. The vast majority, over 95% of their workforce, is actively involved in our "game". This virtual world has seamlessly integrated into their routines, offering challenges, sales missions, progress updates, competitive rankings, engaging quizzes, and bite-sized knowledge insights.
Proven format

Take advantage of the power of customization

Give your team a product meticulously tailored for their needs. The game's storyline will closely align with the specific nature of their work. The modules and functionalities of the platform will be selected to harmoniously integrate with the sales target setting and verification system used in your company.
Power of customization

Engagement that leads to success

A motivational program based on game mechanics is one of the most effective strategies for building lasting engagement. Using elements such as rewards, competition, and challenges, we mobilize the team to achieve their goals. At the same time, we create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere in the workplace.
icon A game world that tells the story 
of your employeesA game world that tells the story of your employees
icon Sales tasks in clear task cardsSales tasks in clear task cards
icon Valuable rewards in virtual currencyValuable rewards in virtual currency
icon High team engagementHigh team engagement
icon A direct communication channel 
with every salespersonA direct communication channel with every salesperson
icon The image of a forward-thinking employerThe image of a forward-thinking employer

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They trusted us

Use proven motivational tools

Reliable tools facilitate the monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs). This invaluable data provides insights into emerging business patterns, sales trajectories, and enables prompt adjustments when needed. Employees, in turn, gain a digital view of their achievements, fostering a transparent and engaged work culture based on measurable results.

Choose a beloved gaming format

We will customize the perfect game format aligned with your goals, whether by selecting from existing games or adapting their storyline to your company. Together, we will find a solution that not only effectively engages but also reflects the essence of your business.

Our numbers speak for themselves

Even the most advanced motivational platform cannot achieve its full potential without consistent user engagement. In our programs, we keep our participants deeply involved throughout the program's duration, leading to exceptional results.

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Quick and easy implementation

Together, we will define and develop the success criteria for your employee motivation program, and with our ready-made modules, we will build it in three simple steps. After launching the program, we offer operational and technical support for its entire duration.Easy Implementation

Seamless integration with your tools

We have experience integrating with the most popular business tools in the market. We can ensure smooth synchronization with your company's essential software.
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 Active Directory logoAzure Active Directory
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