Build a network of loyal advocates for your brand!

Building good relationships with employees of external distribution networks is crucial for increasing sales. Boost the effects of all activities conducted in this area so far. Ensure the range, quality, and frequency of contacts.

Create a gamification program that will move the memory of your products to the very top

Imagine salespeople checking daily how much of your product they've sold. Imagine them always remembering why your products are the best. With a gamification program, you will enhance your visibility and gain a direct communication channel with the salespeople of your distributors.
Gamification program

Rely on a proven format with the greatest pull

Several hundred employees of one of our clients have been accumulating digital currency for three years. Using it, they developed their virtual cities. The more of the client's products they sold, the more resources they had at their disposal. The most engaged exceeded sales targets by several tens of percent.
Proven format

Take advantage of the power of customization

Employees of partner wholesalers will receive a game that will look as if it was created by you, especially for them. The game's storyline will closely match the specifics of the work they perform. The platform's modules and features will be curated to perfectly harmonize with the system of sales targets and their validation.
Power of customization

Become your distributors' favorite brand

A motivational program with game elements is an effective way to build long-term relationships with business partners. Not only does it encourage achieving goals but also creates positive experiences and fosters brand loyalty.
icon A game world that tells the story 
of your partnersA game world that tells the story of your partners
icon Sales tasks on clear task cardsSales tasks on clear task cards
icon Valuable rewards in virtual currencyValuable rewards in virtual currency
icon Building relationships with the brandBuilding relationships with the brand
icon A direct communication channel 
with distribution employeesA direct communication channel with distribution employees
icon Uniqueness in the industryUniqueness in the industry

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They trusted us

Leverage proven motivational tools

Proven tools offer insights into sales performance, facilitate the dissemination of knowledge about your products, and ensure continuous engagement with contractors. By integrating gamification, you will introduce an element of competition, sparking positive emotions among program participants.

Choose a beloved gaming format

We will customize the perfect game format aligned with your goals, whether by selecting from existing games or adapting their storyline to your company. Together, we will find a solution that not only effectively engages but also reflects the essence of your business.

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Our numbers speak for themselves

Even the most advanced motivational platform cannot achieve its full potential without consistent user engagement. In our programs, we keep our participants deeply involved throughout the program's duration, leading to exceptional results.

Quick and easy implementation

Together, we will define and design the success criteria for your partner motivational program. Thanks to our ready-to-use modules, we will construct it in three simple steps. Once the program is in place, we offer ongoing operational and technical support throughout its duration.Quick implementation

Seamless integration with your tools

We have experience integrating with the most popular business tools in the market. We can ensure smooth synchronization with your company's essential software.
SalesForce logoSalesForce
 Active Directory logoAzure Active Directory
Google Suite logoGoogle Suite
Slack logoSlack
Zapier logoZapier
 Teams  logoMicrosoft Teams
OAuth 2.0 logoOAuth 2.0
eRecruiter logoeRecruiter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification?
Will employees/contractors spend too much time on the platform?
Will older individuals or those without experience with online games be engaged in gamification (will it not be too complicated for them)?
How long does it take to implement a gamification program?
Will the sales tasks be tailored to the specifics of our (my) company?
Is the solution available on mobile?
Will I have support after the program implementation?
Do you offer rewards catalog management?
Will my clients' data be safe?
Who is the administrator of employees' personal data?
I don’t see my tools on the integration list, will we be able to register?

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