Create a B2B loyalty program perfectly tailored to the needs of your clients

Maintaining good relationships with business partners is a great way to increase sales. Strengthen the results of all actions taken so far. We will create a program that will be perfectly suited to your collaboration.

Expand your B2B action repertoire

The structural foundation of every loyalty program is similar: its participants collect points during purchases and exchange them for rewards. It is a good base, but not always enough. Enhance your program with relationship-building aspects and a full range of gamification tools.
Expand action repertoire

Take advantage of a full range of reward stimuli

Offer your B2B clients much more than just standard rewards. Our tools enable the use of the entire spectrum of incentives. Starting from tangible and financial rewards, through relationship-building aspects, such as special offers, to virtual rewards like points, statuses, and rankings.
Reward stimuli

Maximize the possibilities offered by a well-constructed B2B loyalty program

Your clients are a unique group with a variety of needs and expectations. Our proposal is creating a loyalty program that not only meets their individual expectations but also helps you achieve your business goals.
icon Building and maintaining long-term relationships with customersBuilding and maintaining long-term relationships with customers
icon Advanced business analyticsAdvanced business analytics
icon A comprehensive range of reward stimuliA comprehensive range of reward stimuli
icon Increased sales of your products and servicesIncreased sales of your products and services
icon A direct communication channelA direct communication channel
icon Tailoring the offer to the needs 
of your clientsTailoring the offer to the needs of your clients

Create a B2B loyalty program perfectly tailored to the needs of your clients

They trusted us

Apply best practices of B2B loyalty programs

Implementing these practices is key to achieving greater returns on investment. Thanks to them, we can enhance the effectiveness of the program and fully utilize the potential of the invested resources, which in turn translates into an even easier achievement of business objectives.

Create a B2B loyalty program perfectly tailored to the needs of your clients

Our numbers speak for themselves

Even the most advanced motivational platform cannot achieve its full potential without consistent user engagement. In our programs, we keep our participants deeply involved throughout the program's duration, leading to exceptional results.

Trust in our expertise and proven experience

We have been dealing with loyalty programs for 25 years. We consider ourselves pioneers in this field. In 1998, we created a program for Amica company partners. It was one of the first such projects in Poland. We have managed to replicate the success multiple times, and we have been executing our most interesting projects for over ten years now. We cooperate with Toyota Motor Poland, BASF, Santander Consumer Bank, and Rockwool.
Proven experience

Seamless integration with your tools

We have experience integrating with the most popular business tools in the market. We can ensure smooth synchronization with your company's essential software.
SalesForce logoSalesForce
 Active Directory logoAzure Active Directory
Google Suite logoGoogle Suite
Slack logoSlack
Zapier logoZapier
 Teams  logoMicrosoft Teams
OAuth 2.0 logoOAuth 2.0
eRecruiter logoeRecruiter

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I have support after the program implementation?
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Will my clients’ data be safe?
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Create a B2B loyalty program perfectly tailored to the needs of your clients

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